Sementeira is a social business that creates meaningful experiences  for people, groups and organizations to choose, tell and live their best stories .


We are committed to fostering and celebrating the ancient art of storytelling as a seed of transformation.

In an increasingly unstable and fast-changing world, dealing with transformations and choosing where we want to go is fundamental.

Stories and narratives shape our realities and can help us recover the authorship of our experiences, so that the field of possibilities is broadened and a life with more freedom and enchantment is revealed.

That is why we exist:


> to challenge the dominant narratives that insist on trying to convince us that "things are and will always be the same."


> to reconnect people, communities, and organizations with their favorite stories about who they are, who they want to become, and what kind of world they want to live in and based on these stories, reveal new directions and strengthen actions


If you identify with at least one of these sentences, it means you are in the right place!

  • I'm looking for meaningful, creative, artistic experiences that can nourish my life with enchantment and learning.

  • I got tired of repeating the same stories about who I am, about my work, my relationships, about what's possible for me. I would like to dance with different stories.

  • I am living a big transition and I need help to find a new direction.

  • I am very concerned about the paths that are being announced for humanity and for the planet. I want to find ways to be at the service of building better narratives for the presente and the future.

  • Stories from the oral tradition enchant me and I would like to understand more of their principles, power and meanings.

  • My dream is to become a storyteller (whether on stage, at school, in the clinic, in the conference room, at home with my children...), but I don't know where to start or I've already started, but I need support.

  • I would like to feel more secure when telling my story, communicating in public, in an important presentation or challenging conversation.

  • I would like to position myself as an agent of change in my family/community/organization and I would like to do this through stories.


  • I am in a leadership position and I am struggling to communicate who I am, my intentions, my experience.



for companies of all sizes, NGOs, schools.

for any ecosystem that needs to take care of its relationships, its culture, its communication,

its stories.



all the events we hold are platforms for people to collectively celebrate and strengthen each other's life stories, and especially those that are violently silenced.

we are happy to bring our stories and ideas to events from other organizations as well.


"If a certain people tell stories that no longer work, then that people need to go back and dream them again."


Thomas Berry




Our social actions are based on the art of storytelling and collective narrative practices.

In the macro dimension, we act on the architecture of separation that imposes itself as the current dominant narrative. This narrative enhances the disconnection with self, with others and with the world around, generating denial and ignorance, apathy and results in discrimination (inability to reflect and collaborate, generating silencing, hatred, violence, fear and the destruction of trust, of relationships, of nature and of the self).

In the micro field, we work by strengthening connections with the inner world, with life stories and with communities of care. Our actions are always in favor of enchantment, freedom and dignity.

By choosing to hire our services and participate in our events, you contribute to social projects dedicated to groups and communities whose stories have been and continue to be violently silenced and marginalized.

more information coming soon


Want to try out narrative practices?

Leave your e-mail on the side that we will send you the "Tree of Life". A simple and beautiful tool for you to start taking care of your story by your hidden treasures.

(The PDF is in Portuguese).

Our story

Emilie Andrade is a storyteller and founder of Sementeira. The craft of storytelling is an amalgam of everything she is and does - artist, educator, mother, social entrepreneur. 


In 2018, out of an urgency to expand her artistic work into the social field, she founded Sementeira.

Combining her experience of over ten years in artistic storytelling with a solid and continuous training in narrative practices she creates and offers individual and collective learning journeys, lectures, story sessions and performances.