André Rosa

Graduating in Letters – Portuguese Language, by Instituto Superior de

São Paulo Education – Singularities; Graduated in Humor from SP Escola

of theater.

He was Literature Guiding Artist in the 2020 edition of the vocational program

of the São Paulo Municipal Secretariat of Culture, mediator at the 33rd Bienal

São Paulo Arts International, Bilingual-Libras educator at the City Museum

from São Paulo, reading room assistant in the Culture Factories program of the Government of the State of São Paulo and socio-educational advisor at NAISPD (Support Center for Social Inclusion for People with Disabilities).

He worked as an intern in the educational program of Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil São Paulo - CCBB-SP, and in the SESI-SP gallery of Centro Cultural FIESP.

He has already carried out works and projects in cultural spaces and facilities such as the Portuguese Language Museum, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, MAM-SP, SESC network, Casas de Cultura and festivals.

He is currently an art educator, Portuguese language teacher, storyteller, interpreter of Libras and collaborator in the group Ciclistas Bonequeiros.


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Aretha Sadick

Multiartist from Rio de Janeiro, he manifests himself through the scene as a creative interpreter

of images in performance, music and word technologies, pointing

to the urgent need for black trans people to retake power in construction

of new images and imaginaries to produce healing.

He acted in the Brazilian short films BR_Rip by Eduardo Nogueira

(2018), I Must Say I Love You Dir. Ariel Nobre (2018) and NEGRUM3 a film by

Diego Paulino (2018), having won the Best Performance award at the PRIMEIRO PLANO Festival, Juiz de Fora in 2019. In that same year, she worked as an actress in the show MACUNAÍMA Ópera Tupi by Iara Rennó (SESC VILA MARIANA); TRANSTOPIA (THEATRO MUNICIPAL SP) and QUEERBARET, both directed by Luh Maza. The series CALL ME BRUNA (FOX), OS AUSENTES (TNT) and starred in the feature film LILI & AS DRAGONFLY by René Guerra, all projects aimed at strengthening the employability of trans people, discussing the accesses, possibilities and performance of this community in the whitened circuit and cisgender of the arts.

Bel Santos Mayer

Social educator, coordinator of the Brazilian Institute of Studies and Support

Comunitário – IBEAC, co-manager of the LiteraSampa Network, trainer of young people

reading mediators, postgraduate professors in Literature for Children and

Young people from the Vera Cruz Institute. Bachelor of Science/Mathematics and Bachelor's Degree

in Tourism, he has a specialization in Social Pedagogy. She is currently a master's student

of the Postgraduate Program in Tourism (EACH/USP), researching the

contribution of community libraries to the study of mobilities. Awards received: Portraits of Reading in Brazil-2018; State of São Paulo for the Arts-2019; 67th APCA Award – São Paulo Association of Art Critics in the category “Dissemination of Brazilian Literature”.

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Bia Machado

Researcher in Education and Philosophy of Education, with an emphasis on research

about the conceptions of the human being in other cultures. In the last 20 years,

was dedicated to articulating his academic path and his educational practice in the

construction of the KALEIDOSCOPE MODEL - a working model whose

main orientation is to think about self-knowledge and work

as complementary processes of people's development.

Graduated in Psychology, PhD and Post-Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo, with a thesis in Philosophy of Education, author of the book "Sentidos do Kaleidoscópio" – ED. Humanitas. She is currently a teacher and works with research from the KALEIDOSCOPE MODEL with Educators. She is a founding partner of the COLLECTIVE FACULDADE DA IMAGINAÇÃO.

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Bruno Vital

Deaf. Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo.

Graduated Extension Deaf Cultures in Contemporary: Creations and

Artistic Experiences, promoted by Itaú Cultural in partnership with the Institute

Singularities in 2019. He is an accessibility educator at the Instituto do Sesc

Belenzinho since 2015. Works in the development of collaborative actions and

participated as a cultural accessibility educator for nearly five years in

several museums, such as Sesc SP, Fundação Bienal, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, MIS SP, in addition to holding its first exhibition, Comuna Sagaz (São Paulo), Fragmented Utopias: everyday anomalies.

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Carlos Barbosa

Story narrator, photographer, poetic performer, project participant

of narrativity, student of pedagogy and a subject who travels far,

very fareeeee, always looking for a beautiful story.

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Tip L. Marx

Musician, composer and music producer. He studied popular guitar at

Free University of Music - Tom Jobim (current EMESP). Since 2017, it has

performed in the São Paulo music scene with the show MemoriÁfrica, in addition to having

performed works as a musician, actor and music producer in works such as

“The Songs My Parents Heard (Companhia Terra Fértil/Casa Preta), Biel

Lima, Cris Palazzo and Prot{agonists: The Black Movement in the Arena.

The MemoriÁfrica show has as its motto to denounce the violence arising from racism, but mainly to emphasize the initiatives, spaces, entities and even people who, recognizing their ancestry and their black identities, contribute to others and

others can recognize themselves and heal some of the various wounds and pains caused by this oppression based on our color and our features. MemoriAfrica is a healing process. One more narrative to add to that of other lionesses and lions who do their utmost so that the story is not told only by hunters. After all, “stories have other sides”.

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Emilie Andrade

Creator of Sowing and Cycle Magic Words, for over ten years

dedicates to becoming a storyteller, a craft that for her is an amalgamation of

everything she does and is - artist, educator, mother, social entrepreneur. In 2018,

by an urgency to expand his artistic work also to the social field,

invented the Sowing. Since then, in addition to dedicating himself to the art of the word,

it also offers learning paths for people and groups, combining their

experience in artistic narration to a solid and continuous training in narrative practices.

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Giselda Pere

Graduated in Music from Unesp and with an incomplete degree in Arts

Performed by the same institution, she worked for more than ten years in the areas of

Art Education and Music Education in schools, in addition to giving workshops

training courses in music education for teachers. From 1997 to 2000

he joined the Cia. Andarilhos de Contadores de Histórias. In 2007 he joined the

theater group Caixa de Fuxico, where he develops work related to popular culture, participating in the shows A Batalha dos Encantados and A Menina, o Príncipe e a Noite, the latter awarded with the PAC of the Government of the State of São Paulo in 2007 Since 2010 does part of the creation and casting nucleus of Desabafo Coletivo, a group that researches elements of the theater of experience. She integrates, as an actress and musician, the cast of Cia. Animalenda, which premiered in 2012 at Sesc Consolação the show A Moça da Janela, and is part of Agbalá Conta, which works on themes of Afro-Brazilian, African and indigenous culture.

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Linet Matthias

Graduated in theater from the Federal University of Alagoas, she is the daughter of

fishermen and, over the years, has told and heard traditional stories.

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Luciana Gomes

A paraibana in São Paulo, resident of the Real Parque community.

Graduated in Pedagogy and Postgraduate in Books, Children and Youth:

Theory, Mediation and Criticism by Instituto Vera Cruz. Currently works at

Acaia School Atelier , comprising the library team and the Barraco Escola team.

He is part of the management of Instituto Çarê and is part of Coletiva Fiandeiras.

Magno Rodrigues Faria01_Foto Plinio Back

Magno Rodrigues Faria

Son of Guaianases, he is a pedagogue graduated from the Faculty of Education of

USP with experience in public, private and third sector networks. It has

specialization in "Art of Storytelling - Poetic, literary and

performance.” Since 2010 he has been working regularly as a library educator

by Instituto Acaia, where he currently coordinates this area. too

coordinates actions of the Instituto ÇARÊ in the neighborhood of Heliópolis (@vozes_perifericas)

Storytellers in cultural spaces (A Casa Tombada, Casa da História, Centro Cultural SP, Biblioteca Mário de Andrade, Quintal da Cultura, among others) also promotes workshops involving the word ("truth or lie - fake news for children" and the soiree "you need to know what's going on in here" for Sesc/SP) and he was a collaborator (jury in 2016) of Emília magazine in the project “Destaques da Revista Emília”.


Mariana Per

Singer, musician, storyteller and cultural producer, walks between

music and literature in an unavoidable, alternate stage presence

between the subtlety of the gestures and the forcefulness of the speech. It has as the center of its

art by word, the word of mainly black women, making their

songs a meeting of literature, ancestry and the feminine.

Mirta Portillo 1 _ Foto Dora Cabanillas.

Mirta Portillo

Cuban actress, oral narrator, poet, teacher and cultural promoter and lives

in Cuba.

He has been performing on stages in Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy for over 20 years,

Mexico, Colombia and Brazil with shows for children and adults.

What she likes most is humor, she loves to make people laugh. offers

workshops on storytelling and against gender violence.

She is passionate about everything she does and discovered that dreams come true through study and above all through work. It has won several national and international awards and recognition.

"Women who love for good and for evil" is a spectacle of tales from literature and oral tradition, peppered with fragments of songs sung a cappella that present Latin American women in different situations, wanting to be themselves, trying to dominate the your destiny.

Priscila Harder _ Mirrah da Silva01.jpeg

Priscilla Harder

Storyteller, word artist, actress and mother. She graduated as an actress in

Theater school Célia Helena and Bachelor of Theater Direction at ECA-USP. attended

postgraduate course on Art of storytelling: poetic, literary approaches

and performative FACON. She is a co-founder and member of the company Conto em

Corners where he carries out his main work. He has been acting and researching for 16 years

theater, narratives and the art of storytelling. As a storyteller listened

and compiled stories in the Amazon region in 2009 and in the traveling project Trilhar Histórias in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Participated in festivals and meetings of storytellers in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

In "Women with big eyes" he mixes fictional and real elements from his own life and is inspired by the homonymous novel by Mexican writer Ángeles Mastretta. Recovering family memories is that a mother finds ways to strengthen her daughter's life. Little by little, stories of fascinating women are revealed. The soundtrack, performed on the guitar by Luis Aranha, complements and dialogues with the rhythm and nuances of the narration.

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Sergio Vaz

Author of 8 books, he completed 30 years of poetry in 2018.

Honored in several awards for his work, he was also elected by

Época magazine in 2009 one of the 100 most important Brazilians in the country.

Co-founder of the Sarau da Cooperifa, a cultural movement that transformed a

bar, on the outskirts of São Paulo, in a cultural center that helped to trigger the

peripheral literature. Creator of Cinema na Laje, Cooperifa Prize, Poetry in the Air,

Christmas with books, Várzea poética, Poetry on the Walls project, Cooperifa's Cultural Exhibition, which in 2019 completed its 12th edition.



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