Being alive today means being subject bad weather. Glaciers are melting at the same time as the systems that defined our culture are falling apart. To live today is to (learn to) live in instability with ever more rapid and frequent changes.


When chaos seems to be imposing on us how can we find some sense of direction?


The place where we can search for meaning is within us, in our stories: the lived and dreamed ones, the individual and the collective ones. Stories are seeds of worlds to come. For this reason, we believe that it is essential to take care and tell our stories. This journey was made for that.




your story is your greatest treasure

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  • For those who feel trapped in stories that they keep repeating to themselves about their identity, their work, their relationships, about what is possible for them.

  • For those who want to choose diferent relationships to those old stories that no longer serve them.

  • For those who want to reveal their favorite stories.

  • For those who want to feel confident when communicating in an important presentation or in a challenging conversation.

  • For those who want to position themselves as change makers based on their stories.

  • For those who have an idea and want to share with the world in the form of history.

  • For those who are in a leadership position and are facing difficulties in communicating who they are, their intentions, their experience.

  • For those who have a business or a project and need to tell people what it is about.


  • For those who are looking for creative writing training.

  • For those seeking new techniques and formulas to acumulate and garnish their resume.


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semente dente de leão claro esmo.png
semente dente de leão claro esmo.png
  • For those who want to manipulate people to change their minds or make decisions.


  • For those who believe that the way things are in this world is acceptable and that we are heading towards a future in which they believe they can live.

  • strengthen your ability to create, take care of and tell your stories;

  • become (re)enchanted by your history;

  • reaffirm dignity and beauty;

  • expose and challenge the beliefs and ideas taken for granted;

  • enrich favorite stories and identities;

  • unwrap the dominant language that often is not yours;

  • deconstruct the relationship between power and privilege;

  • reconnect to the common, to the collective;

  • learn not only from the past, but also from the future.


"This journey was for me the greatest gift of the year 2020. A difficult year, for all of us, a hard year, but it brought me this experience so delicate, so attentive and subtle. What I take from the journey is the discovery of the the power of my inner world, and the possibility of exploring this inner universe through resources and tools I didn't know I had. Emilie, caring host, embroidered the sessions with great affection, and brought beautiful stories to beautify the way."

Maira Rahme

designer and facilitator, interested in anything that conveys beauty, meaning and truth to the world. caretaker of a beautiful garden and of Dona Chica.